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The Writing Pad must have The Writing Place!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Just wanted to give you a little peek at my office.

I think this is the part of our new house, The Writing Pad, that I love the most - the little upstairs area I've been able to convert into place for me to create. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Writing Place!

If you spy the Coronado radio over to the right, you'll know that the space isn't entirely mine. Mitch is, of course, the old radio aficionado, but the Coronado provides me an excellent surface for some special pictures and my always-needed box of tissue and hand lotion dispenser.

I have my bookcase full of necessary books (that includes dictionaries and copies of my favorite books, of course), my tunes via an iHome that they don't make any more, and enough coasters that I can put my glass of iced tea almost anywhere. I've ordered a short lamp to put on the file cabinet by my work chair, because I can't stay up there after dark otherwise!

Oh, I should mention, it's cold up there. Hence the space heater. I crank it up before I head up for the day and it keeps the room at a nice 68 degrees. BUT, I did crochet myself a set of fingerless gloves that keep my hands really warm while I'm working. (Check out the pattern here if you're inclined to make yourself a pair - you can whip them up in a night.)

This is going to be a nice place for me to get my creative juices flowing. Along with completing two fiction books I'm working on, I have some nice client work lined up that should challenge me and keep me busy as well. That, and I hope to hear from some of my favorite clients that use me for editing - I'm encouraged that they're at home writing their hearts out, and it's helping me do the same.

Renovations will continue, and this space is no exception. The area on the other side of that door is a master suite area, and Mitch and I plan to make it warmer and move our bed up there come spring. We'd like to get rid of all the beaver board that's there now, add a shed dormer so we can put in a bathroom and maybe add some more office space. The most important part of all of that is a second floor window so I can have a clear view to the lake and the freighters heading in and out of Calcite!

Better get to work, eh? My writing chair awaits!

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