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So, We've Been a Little Lazy

If you think because you haven’t heard from us in a while that we haven’t been working on the house…well, you’d mostly be right about that. I’m working two full-time jobs right now, and Mitch is working one, and we’ve spent a lot of our spring and summer trekking back and forth to see my mom and sister, which is COMPLETELY AWESOME AFTER SIXTEEN MONTHS OF ZOOM CALLS!

Did I scream that loud enough? Vaccinations are the bomb. THE. BOMB.

At any rate, we have done some things here and there, and I’m going to take just a minute to fill you in on the details.

1. We bought a new mattress and box spring and moved our bedroom upstairs.

Buying the box spring and mattress were key in accomplishing this, because our old box spring wouldn’t fit upstairs. Once we were able to move our queen-sized bed up the stairs, we did. I’m so happy to be up there, we’re making much better use of our space on the second floor now. We have more closet space, too. Always a bonus! Our former bedroom is going to be overhauled for a second guest room now, and I'll take lots of pics of both rooms when that's done.

2. We’ve had the incoming plumbing replaced.

This was a major fix, and it was life changing. Our old galvanized plumbing was in disgusting condition. We were drinking sludge. The water heater sat for a year before we moved in, so it produced rust every time we used hot water. We’d replace the filter in our Britta every month and the water smelled bad. Now, it’s been two months and water is still streaming through our Britta filter, we can drink water right out of the faucet, and life is good. All hail pex.

3 We’ve cleaned up the basement considerably.

There was a large shelving unit near my laundry area that’s been removed, many boxes have been put away, and we’ve purchased a dehumidifier, which has made a huge difference. My laundry actually gets dry now, and there’s no more awful musty smell. This may be one of my favorite home purchases so far. Not sure why we waited so long to get one.

4. Our front bedroom closet is now insulated

Our master bedroom’s closet lacked any insulation. It caught the brunt of the north winds in the winter. When we opened the door, cold air poured into the bedroom. Shirts were often wet when we pulled them out because the warm air of the house was mixing with the cold temps and causing condensation. And, if you’re guessing this caused mold and mildew in the closet….yup. So, the beaver board was torn out, insulation was added, repairs were made (in one area the siding of the house was about the only thing keeping the snow out). It’s much easier to regulate the temps in this room now, even in the summer, and it’s a lot quieter!

5. We moved our toilet six inches further away from the wall.

Can a toilet be too close to a wall? Oh, yes. Yes, it can.

This is way less than what I’d hoped to have done at this point in the year, but the year’s not over yet. Mitch is still going to work on the window for the bathroom, we’re planning on revamping that front bedroom within the next week or two (knowing it’ll take a few weeks to complete). There are lights to be hung, landscapes to be worked on, and more.

But next week? Garage sale! That’s actually on my list of things to do this year, too, so I’ll try to take lots of pictures and tell you all about it when it’s done!

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