• Stephanie Gillett

Shades of Gray

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We can't decide what color we want to paint the dining room. All I know is that I'd like it to be a grayish-beigeish sort of color, and not too dark. Our carpet (brand new!) in the living room and dining room has flecks of gray and beige in it, so I'm trying to celebrate those colors here. Which one do you like?

Speaking of shades of gray, I started working with a new client this week, one that's going to allow me to do a lot of great things for people who need my skills. I'm excited about it, but there are plenty of gray areas that I'm trying to navigate in their system. It's tough and scary learning something new, but I'm going to embrace fear and make it work for me. It's easy, after all, to get comfortable doing only what you know how to do, and reject opportunities that seem a little out of reach.

I sold my house and quit my corporate job so I could stretch. I'm going after EVERY opportunity, whether it seems a little out of reach or not.

So, right now...I'm multi-tasking. Writing for my client and, in my moments of thought, staring at these six paint chips on the wall. What word to use? What color to paint?

It'll all work out.

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