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Had a spare hour...laid some carpet

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I spent my entire Friday producing great things for clients - content for an event, educational content for a training company...life is good! The only disappointing part of the day was getting up to go to the bathroom, because I had to look at, and walk on, that bathroom floor.

The former renter had apparently cut a piece of linoleum to cover some broken tile in there, and it's gross. Not only is it curling up around the edges, it was cut to fit around a different toilet, so you can see the flooring underneath the curly linoleum and tile.

Now, the tile underneath has "transferred" to the linoleum (it's stuck and has come off the floor), and the linoleum is fastened down in some areas and not in others. We're going to end up ripping out the whole bathroom for a variety of reasons, so I wanted a quick fix. So I went out and bought a remnant of carpet for $45 and got to work.

The first thing I did was make a template of the bathroom floor out of newspaper. I covered every millimeter, laid it flat and taped it all together.

Then, I carefully pulled it all up, turned it upside down, and got ready to trace it out on the back of the remnant I purchased. No special tools needed to do this, just a black marker you aren't in love with. I only point out that you shouldn't be in love with it, because the back side of carpet is scratchy, and your marker gets a little chewed up.

Before I started tracing, I did some measuring. I measured the vanity and made sure the template measured the same length. I did the same measuring the tub, the front of the storage cabinets. Measure twice, cut once! Everything looked good, but I made some minor adjustments. We were good to trace.

By the way, dogs walking all over your template while you're working can mess up your final product. Make sure they watch from the sidelines. Ernie was observing and gave his full approval.

Once the template was traced, I started cutting the carpet. My remnant was berber, and it was really easy to cut one way. A bit more difficult the other. In addition to the linoleum knife I had on hand, I used a utility knife and utility scissors. Be careful with those, one swing in the wrong direction and you can really hurt yourself.

The carpet cutting took about as long as the template laying. I wouldn't normally do it on my living room carpet, but we're getting new living room carpet in a couple of weeks, so I'm living on the edge. When you cut carpet, do it down your basement or out on the driveway to make sure you don't damage any flooring in your house that you actually like.

Then, in the final step, I had my husband help me carry it into the bathroom. We laid it in, trimmed a couple of areas, and we were done. It looks a thousand percent better, covers up all that ugly linoleum...and suddenly I don't mind being in there in my bare feet.

Ernie approves, too!

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