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Guest Rooms...because I like support when I write!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Because I need support from my family and friends when I write, making the guest room homey and welcoming was an important part of getting settled. But, OMG, look at the walls!!

Latex had been painted over oil-based enamel. Add a little moisture because we live 1600 feet from the world's third largest lake...and this is what you get.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that it took a full two weeks to prep this room and paint it. With putty knives and paint scrapers in hand, we scraped over thirty pounds of paint off the wall (we put it in a garbage bag and weighed it!). It came off easily from the oil-based paint under it, but anywhere the walls were patched or caulked, the latex stuck really well. So, spackling and skim coating were a part of our prep, as well as the motherlode of sanding. And washing the walls. And then spackling, skim coating and washing again.

Priming and painting only took two days, and that was adequate time for the oil-based primer to dry. We took every precaution in making sure these coats of paint would stay on. We didn't want to be doing this again.

Normally I'm not a "taper" when it comes to painting, but we did everything we could to protect the woodwork and were still careful with the cutting in. That said, we "scored" the tape with a box cutter before we ripped it off to ensure that we didn't rip any of the new paint off. Then, we still encountered painter's tape from the last time it was painted, where sloppy painters had just left it on the woodwork. All in all, it turned out pretty good. My grandfather painted houses for a living, and I'd like to think that he'd have been pretty proud of me and Mitch. Certainly, we got a lot of advice from my uncle, a contractor, and we were very appreciative of that!

Now we're ready for guests - they have the best room in the house. For now!!

Here's a photo log of the whole adventure:

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