• Stephanie Gillett


The cute quotient of our home has gone up 200%. A warm welcome and a big round of applause, please, for shutters.

And not purple shutters no. FRUITY SANGRIA shutters.

I can't elaborate on all the steps my genius husband followed to make these guys, but I know that a measure-twice-cut-once approach was taken with a bunch of 1x6 pieces of wood, that they gave my husband a sliver, that they needed to be primed and sanded and then primed again, that they were painted with two coats of FRUITY SANGRIA, and that they were ultimately assembled and then hung while I held them against the house like Gary Larson's kid at the door of Midvale's School for the Gifted.

We got mixed reviews from the neighbors who, from their gray, brown, and beige homes, seemed a little confused but politely complimentary about our FRUITY SANGRIA shutters. Our neighbor with the bright yellow house? Ecstatic about our FRUITY SANGRIA shutters.

To me, they're darling and the perfect amount of rebel.

Mitch consulted several websites and YouTube videos to learn best practices for building our board-and-batten shutters, but he continues to love The Craftsman Blog as his go-to source for home renovation projects. This was a little thing, just $150 or so in supplies and a week of on-and-off work, but it's made all the difference in the look of our house.

I love our FRUITY SANGRIA shutters!

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