• Stephanie Gillett

Finally Painted that Dining Room!

Remember how Pee Wee Herman rescued all the animals from the burning pet store, and he kept running by the snakes and then going to get other cute animals out? First, the puppies and kitties. Then bunnies. And then finally, when there was nothing sweet and furry left to rescue, he came running out with handfuls of snakes, screaming?

Such was the case of our dining room painting. We'd posed to you the question of picking out paint back in January. We bought that paint in February, and then for five months we dreaded the thought of actually doing it, running by those paint buckets on our way to address cuter, fluffier projects.

Why? Well, the dining room is the center of our house. You have to walk through it to get to everything. And the walls needed to be repaired big time, because there were cracks around the windows, doors, ceiling, and arches, which meant blocking it off, putting up lots of plastic barriers to keep in the boatloads of dust, and keeping the dogs out.


Well, we finally just bit the bullet and did it! AND IT LOOKS PHENOMENAL!

I never thought I'd be this giddy about a color of paint on my walls. Hello, Twilight Gray, you are my new favorite thing to look at. No picture I've taken captures this color the way I see it, it's gray during the day, a little beige-y at night, and just incredibly dramatic and casual all at the same time.

I helped very little, Mitch did almost everything. In a step-by-step scenario, he had to:

  • Scrape, sand, and repair huge cracks (the one that had been "fixed" on the arch was 1/8" wide under a slap-dash piece of something-or-other that had been painted over)

  • Wash down the walls

  • Prime the walls, which had been painted latex-over-oil, resulting in cracking all over the place

  • Skim-coat over those paint cracks to fill them in and ensure they didn't pop off

  • Sand all the walls, which was a huge mess

  • Wash all the walls down again

  • Prime again, to ensure that our new paint would stick and look smooth

  • And finally, cut in and paint

Took five days from start to finish, but the results are amazing! I will follow up with pictures when we've chosen our accents, hung our pictures, and gotten our new light fixture!

The slideshow of photos for your step-by-step viewing pleasure:

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