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Day 14...and Still No Appliances

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The refrigerator and range we purchased on August 24 has still not arrived at the Writing Pad.

Since I posted last, I found out that the house...or at least the garage...is 98 years old. We should probably assume the house is about the same age. So it won't surprise you when I tell you that we had to make some preparations and changes to accommodate 2019 appliances after we moved in on September 3.

Space for refrigerator before the removal of cupboards.
Before the removal of cupboards...

First off, our cupboard area was a smidge too short for the 2019 refrigerator. This kitchen was ready to welcome a Betty-Furness-1953-Frigidare refrigerator, one shorter than me. Well, Home Depot said no. So our favorite handyman Brian came in with his sawzall and relieved us of some cupboards. Goodbye storage space, hello tall refrigerator!

Then, what do we have ready to power that refrigerator. Oh, yes, a fabulous mid-20th century two-prong, non-GFI outlet. So THAT had to change.

That was just for the refrigerator. Then, we bought a gas range. There were three to choose from. As Cathy, Home Depot appliance associate, informed us, "We're not gas up here." Turned out we were "not gas" in our kitchen either. Larry the plumber and HVAC expert came in and gave us a gas fixture and John the electrician put in yet another three-prong, GFI outlet to help us make it run.

So we're all ready for our appliances. And we wait.

Rogers City, as it turns out, is experiencing a little "boom" in home purchase and renovation. In other words, we aren't the only ones that had the idea to buy a home here. And that means a significant worker shortage. Brian can't start work on any of our "to do" items until November. I was told by the window installer that, "Now is not the time to need windows," and I'm not even sure what to do with that. I tried calling in July about getting someone out to install a fence, and people answer the phone but never get me on the calendar.

Refrigerator spot with no cupboards above.
Sans cupboards!

Right now I'm concentrating on the things that can be accomplished. I have someone coming in the second week of October to put in new carpet. And with any luck, the appliances will be here tomorrow. This is a start.

I hope the delivery people don't question how I have dishes dangling out of a cupboard with only three sides. I tried not to fill them up too much but...let's just hope they don't fall out.

Till then, I'll keep writing.

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