• Stephanie Gillett

Creation of the Eternal Dog Park

As if finishing our dining room weren't enough for one week! We finally saw the completion of something I tried to accomplish in the summer of 2019 - the installation of a fence.

We got a couple different quotes, investigated a few different scenarios, but our white-picket budget diminished a bit with the pandemic so we ended up with a black vinyl chain link fence to create doggie heaven for Ernie and Rosie.

When we purchased the house, I asked about getting a survey and the realtors said, "You'll never get anyone out here to do that." We were diligent about asking the listing agent where our property lines were and, on the south side of the house, he was wrong. Or at least our neighbor thought he was. The fencing guys ended up uninstalling and moving the fence over about 6" to our new, mutually agreed upon property line, which our neighbor Jim aided them in finding.

Jim didn't seem to care too much whether the fence was on his property, but the installers were obliged to keep it on our property once they discovered that part of it wasn't, so they had to do the moving. I'm just as happy about that. Mitch was apoplectic, because they had to do extra work.

Because of that faux pas, the guys were here installing until about 6PM. So, we had some dinner, and then took the dog out for their "evening walk," only it looked more like this...

And below is a slideshow of the fence installation if you're excited about that sort of thing. I am. Looking at those happy furry faces, this is seriously the best and smartest thing we've done so far. Ernie and Rosie are ecstatic. Jim and I are happy. Mitch has barely survived. All is well.

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