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Capturing Eyes with Magical SEO

It’s been a while, but I’ve been keeping myself busy with a variety of clients. I’m out there in support of employment, education, health and wellness. Are there more honorable pursuits? Highly doubtful.

I wanted to share some of my most recent efforts in SEO – search engine optimization – and how they’ve helped clients gain traffic on their sites (and gained sales, too!). SEO is, ultimately, an attempt to write in a way that convinces Google search engines that your page features the content in which readers will find the most value, thus ranking it at the top of search results for various key words.

The Client Problem

Industrial Arts Institute in Onaway, Michigan, featured a webpage to help those considering welding as a career. The page offered a short list of skills required, an amount of money one could expect to make in the field, and a list of possible careers to be explored.

But it wasn’t very reader friendly. Aside from not being written in simple terms, the information wasn’t organized with headers, didn’t leverage key words that readers would search to find the information, and even the visuals weren’t engaging. I thought Industrial Arts Institute could do better.

The Solution

In the new version, I sorted through the information and arranged it with headers. I researched the material, updated key facts, incorporated key words, and improved the graphics with photos taken right at the school. As an extra, I added engaging, interactive graphics so the reader could reveal additional “trivia” about the welding career.

The Results

SEO almost never produces an overnight result. In fact, it can be six months before a client starts to see an increase in traffic. Neither Google nor users find a new page overnight. It takes time for crawlers to catalogue the new information and determine its relevance to users.

Except in this case.

In six weeks’, traffic to their new career page went up 53%. It was an outstanding result. We discovered that a local employment agency had discovered it and were using it as their go-to reference for anyone looking to shift to a career in welding. This was just what we were hoping, but I never expected it would happen so quickly.

Good SEO drives traffic, but it’s as kind as it is effective. It means that you’re giving people clarity and facts to help them make informed decisions. As a business, you want to be the authority on your subject and inform your customers in a way that ensures they pick up the phone and purchase from you.

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