• Stephanie Gillett

Basement De-Creepification

Up until now, we have tried to pretend that our basement doesn’t exist.

Let’s just say it wasn’t the part of the house that made us sign on the bottom line. It’s dingy, damp, gross, and has some water issues. Thankfully, most of that is solvable, just not a fun job.

After years of letting the landscape wash away, Mitch and I built up the dirt around the house with about three yards of soil (it could use more…), and we filled in the cracks between the cement and the foundation. Overall, that stopped a lot of the water we were getting in the basement. But the walls are still damp and, let’s face it, Lake Huron is two blocks away, so “wet” is an ongoing issue.

When we moved in, we stacked boxes full of things we didn’t immediately need and didn’t really care about down there. And it all sat, because neither of us wanted to go down there.

Finally, over our Christmas holiday, we decided to take a deep breath and face the cobwebs and mildew. We headed downstairs and started unpacking boxes.

As I’m writing this blog post, it’s not even done yet. We’re about half the way through the boxes, and we can’t even unpack some of them because we have nowhere safe down there to put them. Mitch needs an adequate workshop…one that won’t leak, that has electricity, and isn’t full of bugs. He has old radios to fix up and sell, and stuff like that.

But we’re getting there, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve crossed the first thing off our list of “to dos” for 2021 by hanging fluorescent lights. It’s made a huge difference! Mitch worked for a couple of hours yesterday hanging them, and now we can see everything like it’s standing in the light of day. It’s both encouraging and horrifying.

There’s so much work to do! Yikes! (And Ernie still won't come down any further than the landing.)

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